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A little bit about See The Future
I would like to briefly touch on the aim of the Charity and Awareness that I very much would like to spread and gain more momentum with it being more recognised.

The reason for setting up this Charity up in the first instance was because it personally affected our family....and this is how many charities develop initially
See The Future
Leanne Greengrass with her nieces
Open your eyes up to a better health
See The Future
Leanne Greengrass (Founder of See The Future, and partner Timothy Herrett)
  The aim of See The Future is to make people aware how important it is, not only for their eye test to be regular and consistent but for many other diseases and conditions that can be diagnosed through having an eye test.

Conditions like....Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, Strokes, Glaucoma & Rare Eye Cancers. It is all about Opening Eyes To A Better Health.
Did you know...
"People with a learning disability are 10 times more likely to have a sight problem"


Where do donations go?

The money I want to raise for this Charity will be going to Non Government Funded Eye Care Units, Primarily Research Departments across the UK.

These departments are so badly in need of the specialist equipment that is needed to diagnose and to pioneer new drug & surgical treatments to prevent blindness and to develop new treatments that help millions of people who suffer from sight-threatening diseases.

See The Future


Eye tests are so important
I want to let it be known that in our experiences with my Mother there were no symptoms at all and this Tumour in her eye was found because of the quick response from the Optometrists.
See The Future
  Therefore I want to push the importance of Eye Appointments because with many people that I have spoken too, Eye Tests are generally not attended as regular as hospital appointments, dentists, doctors & hairdressers, etc.

These appointments are generally pushed to the back of the drawer and then years go by and therefore a regular check up has not been made.
Many people qualify for free eye tests, some of the reasons are:
Devon See The Future You are aged under 16 You are under 19 and in full time education
Devon See The Future You are aged 60 or over You are registered as blind or partially sighted
Devon See The Future You have diabetes or glaucoma
Devon See The Future You are 40 or over and your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son or Daughter has been diagnosed with glaucoma




See The Future
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